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Published: 20th September 2012
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Technology at times can be too advanced and complex for us to understand and we tend to go back to our basic tools. Auto lock feature in automobiles is one such technology that is immensely useful however it is good to have a backup for your car key in case it gets stolen or misplaced.

While the introduction of auto lock and remote locking system in the automobile industry has revolutionized the security of vehicles. Transponder chips used in car remotes relays signals to the vehicle and can be used even from several feet away. This has lifted a weight off the shoulders of vehicle owners and they no longer have to constantly keep a vigil on their cars to ensure its safe. However at times it is handy to keep a spare key for your vehicle and this can be used for physically opening the door of your car. These keys help to give you access to your car and are different for each vehicle. Locksmiths help in designing the key that fit into the groves of the lock and help in opening it. Key blanks are present with locksmiths which are keys without any cuts or groves and these are chiseled and shaped by them as per requirement. Transponder chips fitted in them can be programmed to communicate with the vehicle and this gives rise to another functional key for your car.

Key blanks usually have cross sectional design that fits into the keyway of the lock and further dents and cuts are made on this key by the locksmith till it successfully opens the lock. The model and make of the car is very important while selecting the key blank as different makes of the same vehicle may have subtle modifications. It is thus very critical to select a key blank which has a rough exterior design resembling that of original key and the year of production of the car is thus crucial information to be maintained and recorded. A variety of vehicles ranging from Mercedes to Honda, BMW, Ford, Jaguar and even Land Rover have their key blanks available in the market. Locksmiths typically stock key blanks and purchase it large quantities too to have a ready stock of blanks available for each model and year of manufacture of the vehicle.

Plastic heads usually hold the key and key blanks too are available enclosed in plastic head and this in itself acts as a keychain and negates the necessity of an additional key chain. Blanks of keys must be purchased from reliable manufacturers as if it is not produced as per design guidelines; they will not fit the lock and will defeat the whole purpose. Experienced manufacturers make these blanks with the appropriate dimensions and hence these can be used by locksmiths to be prepared into suitable keys as and when the requirement arises.

This product can also be purchased over the internet by locksmiths and the item is directly shipped to them. Transponder blank keys in some websites are sold only to locksmiths and this helps in understanding the safety procedures which are practiced by some online companies. Also large quantities of these locksmith tools are sold only to locksmiths and wholesalers and this helps in keeping key blanks safe from the clutches of car thieves or other such elements who will misuse this facility.

The writer is associated with Transponder Island, a premium provider of equipment for locksmiths for all major automobile brands at affordable prices.

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