Upgrade your Car with Keyless Car Remotes

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Published: 13th August 2012
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Among the various inventions and advancements in the automobile sector, keyless car remotes have been introduced in the markets to offer advanced and hi-tech security to vehicles than the traditional way of locking them with conventional keys. Moreover, they also offer plenty of advanced features that help in providing extra comfort to the driving style of the owners even more.

Since the invention of cars, continuous advancements have taken place and are still being done to improvise the driving experience of car owners. A list of recent advancements in the automobile sector includes GPS systems, computer diagnostic systems, satellite radio and many others. All these have contributed in advancing the driving style of the car owners by providing more comfort and style as well.

Among the list of several inventions and advancements, keyless car remotes have come up as an excellent solution for improvising the safety of vehicles from any kind of damage or theft. Apart from just offering excellent safety to cars, these keyless car remotes are facilitated with plenty of features that are meant to provide comfort to the driving style of the car owners and making it a simpler job.

These set of technological advanced features includes switching on/off the ignition, unlocking and locking of the doors, opening the fuel pump cap as well as closing/opening of any specific window, or door and the roof or trunk of your car too. All these features are easily performed from a distance of around 5 m to 20 meters. Owing to all these qualitative set of features, these keyless car remotes have also been referred to as “Intelligent Keys” or “Smart Keys”.

The most appreciated and important feature of these keyless car remotes is the alarm system. For its successful working, the car is equipped with numerous sensors that are connected to the alarm system in the remote. Now when anybody wants to gain unauthorized entry into your car or desires to damage it in anyway, the sensors send a signal to the remote and the car starts emitting a continuous noise of beeping sounds to alert you regarding this attempt. This informs you about any mishap to your car and saves it from any sort of theft or damage.

Basically the keyless car remotes are a small, handy and stylish device so it becomes quite amazing to wonder the hi-tech functioning of these remotes as per their size. These remotes mainly function on the communication process between the small microchip embedded inside the remote with a unique code and the transmitter. This transmitter is fitted behind the car's steering wheel. Now when anybody presses any button on the remote for any specific function, the microchip inside the remote sends a low radio wave signal to the transmitter with a unique code to identify it. Further, when the signal is received by the transmitter, it recognizes the code sent by the remote through the use of radio waves.

When the code is identified by the remote which were sent through radio waves, the requested action is performed within a matter of seconds. However since the code installed in these keyless car remotes are very unique and undefined and copying it in anyway is not possible, so using the remote of any other car won't be successful at all, hence excellent safety of cars from any theft or damage.

So if you are also looking for keyless car remotes for upgrading the safety of your car and improving your driving style, then searching them on the internet is a much better option than looking for them at different market places. These days there are numerous websites of different online stores on the internet that offer a qualitative range of keyless car remotes, locksmith tools and other locksmith suppliers for different cars and their varying models. You just need to go through these websites and search the keyless car remote that matches your requirements and budget too.

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